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Timeless Tiffany Inc

Stained Glass Studio And Supply

Est. 1978


Login and Passwords for Onlinestores

We can change your login/password if you have trouble. Please e-mail or call us to have it changed by us.

Once logged in at the bottom left of the page you will see (my account) link there you can change your information including login and password.



Orders ship Mon-Fri UPS and Mon-Sat USPS. 

Privacy Statement

Your personal details will remain private and confidential. We will never sell, rent, barter or share you personal details in any way with another company. All data collected is for our internal use only.

To conduct business, there will be times that we will have to contact you. Our email and or phone call may relate to your orders, customer account, your queries, or to send your order confirmations.

We will from time to time send you Timeless Tiffany Inc newsletters that may pertain to new products, special offers, special discounts, price changes, company policy changes or other business news. To unsubscribe just reply to our mailing and change the subject to “Unsubscribe”.

Emailing Us

We answer all emails! usually within the same day if not sooner.  If you send us a email and do not get a response please send another and in the subject make sure it is stained glass related term. Exp. stained glass question, stained glass saw. This helps us spot your email. Below is our direct link.


Website vs Online-stores

Our main web site is www.timelesstiffany.com from there you can link to our online-stores and all other links. If you want to bookmark us it is best to bookmark www.timelesstiffany.com home page. This way you will see new links, information and changes to our site. 

Purchasing Online for Store Pickup

In the check out cart you can scroll down and select “Local Pickup” this will zero out any shipping charges. In the note area of the cart you can note the day you will pick up your order. You will receive a email or call from us letting you know your order is ready for pickup.

Boxing and Handling Fees


Minimum Order

We have no minimum order. We do suggest you order enough at one time to make the UPS/USPS charge work in your favor.

Instructions on Registering for Emails

You can sign up anytime while in the online-stores by clicking the  “sign in” link on the left column at the bottom. By signing up you will receive our e-mails and be kept up to date with info you can use.

If you wish to sign up now click link below this will take you directly to our secure signup page.

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Standard Shipping Charges

Our system calculates by using UPS/USPS charts based on weight and zip code. As accurate as we try to be, some orders with small or light items may calculate too high. Please call with any questions 410.287.3900

Glass Shipments

We ship most glass in 12”x 12” size sheets. Some glass due to sheet size may be cut differently. We will notify you if we can not ship your glass 12”x12”. Due to the nature of glass sheets pieces may not be square and size may vary slightly.

Shipping on 6’ Lengths

*We are now offering our framing, lead came, zinc, copper, brass channels and rebar in 36” lengths.

*6 FT Lead Came and Rebar

*6 FT Zinc, Copper and Brass Channels

*6 FT Wood Framing

* We also suggest when ordering zinc, lead and framing etc. which come in 6ft lengths you order enough to cover the “oversize” UPS shipping fee. We can cut stock lengths in half at no charge when ordering small amounts to help you save on shipping.  Some lead came can be curled and boxed to save oversize charge.

 *Please call with any questions 410.287.3900

Online Store Returns

All returns must be approved before returning. Return shipping must be paid by customer unless we shipped wrong item.  Items we shipped for free if returned in sellable condition will be refunded in full minus a 20% fee to cover our cost of shipping and handling. No returns on books, patterns, channels and came.

Store Returns

No returns on books, patterns, channels and came.  No returns on glass cut to customers size or glass cut by customer. All returns must be returned in sellable condition. 

Shipping Address Errors

Please double check address info in check out cart.  UPS charges us $12.00 per package for shipping address corrections, this will be passed on to the customer.

Computer monitors vary widely, and one color may not appear identical from one monitor to the next. The following information is provided to help you replicate original colors, as accurately as your monitor will allow.

1. Set your monitor to 16-bit (thousands of colors), or 24-bit (millions of colors) color. Eight-bit (256 colors) will result in grainy images. If 16 or 24-bit color doesn't seem to be an option with your equipment, you may need to install additional video ram (VRAM) or a graphics card. Check your computer and monitor user's guides for information.

2. Most monitors are calibrated at the factory to optimize crispness of text, not color accuracy. The result is a "bluish white," rather than a neutral one. To display color accurately, you need to calibrate your monitor to eliminate color cast in the display. Many computer/monitor set-ups come with monitor calibration software. Most color graphics programs include monitor calibration software. If neither of these are available to you, countless third-party programs are available -- off the shelf, or as freeware or shareware, that will work with your equipment. You will achieve the most accurate color replication in our web page by calibrating your monitor as follows:

· Gamma: Set to standard Gamma value of 1.8.

· White Point: Set to D50 (5000 degrees Kelvin), or seek to achieve a neutral white.

· Ambient Light: Follow instructions included with you calibration software to adjust for ambient light.

· Brightness & Contrast: Changes to these settings will impact color. Higher brightness settings will create more washed-out colors.

With a carefully calibrated monitor, our digital glass images are surprisingly accurate. But keep in mind, no representation of glass color can ever be as true as the glass itself.